DQ profile changing

If any one is having problems changing Delta-Q profiles let me know.
I have a stand alone device to change codes without connection to main battery.
It does have to be connected to charger leads. Either in the car or on the bench.

Looking for someone to test it.

I can send to Rodney, and he can send it to you, if it works, or return to me for improvement.

I have one ready to go. :slight_smile:
Need someone (Rodney) who has successfully changed profiles, to test device and write up instructions.

I’ll send it to you to keep if it works. It would be nice to get it back if it does not seem useful.

It would be difficult for a novice to know if it works, as getting DQ in program mode is an art. :wink:

dave ,

I need to change my profiles so I well be glad to test .

Rodney’s testing one.
He said it works for bench testing. In the car not so much.
I may make one for in the car testing. (just a switch).

I am building remote displays now. Hope to hear from Grant soon.

I built a relay timer with an arduino micro controller to give me exact timings. I still had an issue getting the charger to go into program mode. 1 sec pulse then 4 sec pulse to switch profile then 30 sec to save the new profile

That sounds cool. I need to change profiles. I was gonna change the profile pretty soon. Not sure how soon you could send it out to CA for testing but I would test it out for ya. I have never had a problem with the main switch on & off method it’s tricky and requires some skill to make it work. Takes me a few try’s to get back in the swing of it

LOL - I just rented David’s programer so I can change some profiles…


Well it looks like everyone else has been having fun makeing their Own Delta Q profile changer! I want in on the fun! Here is the start of my 27 volt Battery. Now my wheels are turning on how and where in-line im gonna hook up the switch.

The ground and power will have a alligator clip that attach to the Delta Q’s power and ground.

I’m thinking of using a door bell I have laying around as the button / on off switch.

Switch by the battery and charger. Run the leads to the red charger wire.
If adventurous, cut the red wire so you don’t need to take the dash off.
Or pull the red wire back out by the controller and run another red to under dash. Leaving the splice easy to get at.