New delta q charger not working properly

2014 e4.
My dc-dc converter was bad and it’s part of charger so I Replaced original delta q with a new one from Inwo. Should have lithium profile programmed. Can’t verify due to problem. Will be doing a hot rod volt conversion but need cart running properly before it comes apart again. Still have original deka gel batteries now. Installed charger today, cart runs again (yay), but charger won’t charge.
When first plugged into ac all lights flash, then yellow light runs down from fully charged (1) to empty (6). Then all lights go off on charger. Unplug ac and replug nothing happens. Turn on key and activate controller, turn off key, apply ac and get the exact same light show, then nothing. I hooked it up the same way old one came out. Car will also move while plugged into ac, so it appears interlock is not working, but it is hooked up to the proper (green) wire coming from charger. Dash display doesn’t indicate any charging as well. It never changes from the driving display.
I can’t understand why I’m getting this result. Is the lithium profile so incompatible with the gels, it won’t work at all? I figured I’d be able to at least verify proper operation of the charger before I remove og batteries and replaced with volt batts. ANy thoughts would be appreciated.

Remind me what profile. If lithium, then white wire connects to blk (b-) to enable.
No it will not charge gels. Well not properly at least.
177 goes to 98 volts.

If lead profile, then white connects to sensor on battery.

As the white wire went to sensor initially, remove sensor and connect the two wires together. That will “ground” white wire and enable charger.

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Not sure what profile was installed, requested lithium profile for volt conversion. Will verify once I can get the charger to light up consistently.
I didn’t think it would work properly for gel, but wanted to confirm proper function before I took her apart again. Figured I could shutoff before overcharge.
I did hook it up the way it was disconnected, so I’ll check those sensor wires when I get a chance in am.
Thank you for all of your assistance in this project.

Sensor must be jumpered for charger to turn on.

Awesome. I’m pretty sure I understand. I’ll let you know if I don’t. :persevere:
Thanks again.

Ok to charge gels if closely monitored for overcharge? Just once or twice to ensure proper operation of cart and for baseline measurements before volt upgrade?

Jumpered the temp sensor. All is good!
Thank you.
Now, on to the volt conversion!

Hi! I saw that you either sell Delta Q chargers or can possibly assist me with what I need to purchase as my 2005 Gem e2 will no longer work because the charger is not showing any lights at all. All batteries are brand new and I’m good working order so it’s definitely a charger issue. Just not sure if I should try to troubleshoot first or just buy a new one?? Any help is greatly appreciated!

If you send it to me, I can test it and look for any easy fix.
If it isn’t repairable, I can put your leads on a new one, so it connects the same as the one you took out.