Delta-Q 48 volt charger 915-4810

I have a E-Z-GO Power Wize 48 volt charger that says it has a internal fault. Six red flashes. I have found with smart equipment the repairs are not all that difficult. The local Golf cart shop here can not repair it and they claim not to have any drawings or other information on it. When I removed the cover I see that most of the power componments have no numbers on them. I can guess generaly what they are but thats all. Can anyone out there HELP. I see that there is some pretty big solder traces and from past experience these may have a hair line crack from thermal cycling. Again can any one have some advice. Thanks

look if internal fuses are ok

[QUOTE=Gem e2;12413]Hi
look if internal fuses are ok[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the reply. Yes the fuses are OK. 30 amp for the DC and 20 amp for the AC. Thanks