Lookin to replace or repair my charger

Does anyone have one for sale or a recommendation on getting it repaired.
If I switch to delta charger the plugs don’t look the same?

Where are you located? There are a couple of fuses inside these, one at the VAC input side and one larger one handling the output. There is also a known heating problem near that input fuse area which has caused connector issues.

I have one, freshly factory reworked and updated that I want to move. Please let me know at 315-567-6308

Where is the other fuse? I found the large one, but can’t seem to find the other one on the Zivan charger board.

Try this black holder.

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I don’t have a black one, just this white thing that seems to be soldered on.

You have one of the soldered on fuses and are really not easily replaceable without a bunch of work and special equipment.

That is not saying the fuse is the problem and/or the solution. They usually blow for a reason. That’s why this thing is buried so deep.

Agreed. It’s not user replaceable for a reason. @igeek207 best to move on with a replacement for the zivan.