Why so many ZVAN failures?

so it seems that the ZVAN chargers appear to have a high failure rate even after being upgraded etc. I am curious what exactly is being seen as the failure point? I took apart a core charger that I bought with the parts car I picked up and it only appears to be a blown fuse. But then that begs the question as to why would a 16a fuse be blowing on a 12a charger… Trying to track this down for everyone’s benefit because it seems insane to me to continue paying for a repair that keeps occurring for a large number of folks.

So anyone that knows what your failure was please let me know…

To be honest I have not heard of the Chargers having any issues after they have been rebuilt. Many Zivan chargers are still working fine. That’s pretty good for a 20 year old electronic piece of equipment. But enough cheerleading for Zivan. I’m running the Quick charge charger in my car. Most of the problems I have come across in the Zivan require a simple trip to electric conversions in Sacramento for a $175 upgrade.

Not unusual for fuses to blow.
Fuses are subject to heat/coll cycles, age, and vibration.

If there are bad ones around. I could check a couple out, if nothing to lose and no hurry. If they are 20Y old, it may just use an Eprom for update. Which, I could copy and burn.

Post results here.

Right now I have a may bad delta-q. If I get it out on the bench, I’ll see if it’s an easy fix.

The one with 12v inverter built in.

Zivan is mentioned FAR less frequently than Delta Q when failures are mentioned. Generally when a fuse blows its due to a short in the circuit it is serving. FSIP repairs chargers and will do business with individuals. You don;t have to go thru a dealer. Electric conversions has been slow according to some of our members.

interesting, it just seems like a higher than normal failure part (I have solid state chargers that are going on 20+ years that have never missed a beat) as for fuses blowing due to the temp/vibration the only thing I can say to that is it is the one circuit not subject to those conditions while in motion so if any fuse should not be fragile it would be that one.

I am by no means picking on the charger just trying to understand what the scenario is that seems to be causing the short life or if it really is just a lot of people assume they are bad and send them in…

When I say heat. It’s the nature of fuses to get hot. It’s a fine line between warm and melting.

OH has experience that says they normally only blow when shorted.
Listen to him! Experience is better than theory.
That is not to say there is always a cause.

I often find fuses blown in tvs and other electronics that are only loaded to half. No known cause.