Delta-Q 1500 Charger Problem

I have a Delta-Q 1500 charger. I just bought the golf cart used, and the charger came with it. Upon power up, the only light that comes on is the AC indicator. No other lights come on, hence, the self-test cycle does not perform. The instruction manual states that upon power up the unit will perform a self-test cycle. When I plug the charger into the cart I do not get any indications either. The troubleshooting portion of the operating manual does not address this scenario. I have not found any information online about “this” specific malfunction. Is anyone familiar with this malfunction?

Certain sw will do that if charger is not enabled by pulling white wire low.

IOW- Examine your wires coming out of the charger. You will have at least 4. Red and black are batt wires. The green may/may not be used, but where does the white wire attach to?

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