ford think golf cart

I have a 2002 think golf cart, the lights, emergency brake indicator, blinkers and brake lights and wipers work sometimes. What could cause all electrical things not to work All of the sudden, yet cart runs just fine? Anyone have a clue is to what issue might be?

Most likely your dc/dc convertor is going bad. New ones are not cheap and you have two. You can upgrade to a new Delta Q charger with a built-in dc/dc convertor for $275 from and sell your old charger to recoup some of your money. You will have to wire up the new charger but it’s not too difficult if you’re comfortable splicing wires.

Thanks, David
I’m not real familiar with, 72 volt charging. Does this charger work on a 48 volt cart?

No the charger is designed for a 72 volt system and I’ve never heard of anyone converting one to work on a 48 volt system.

Lol, I assumed it was 48 by guy I bought from. It’s a 72 volt!

I hav a 2002 ford think and my headlights, wipers, turn signals are inop. I replaced the multi switch and now the hazards will work intermittently but still nothing els. I tried a new really with no luck. Fuses also look good ? Could it be the dc/dc converter? Also could I get a copy of the service manual?