2002 ford think golf cart

I have a 2002 think golf cart, the lights, emergency brake indicator, blinkers and brake lights work sometimes and then other they do not work all together. Cart run just fine. Anyone have a clue is to what issue might be?

Maybe a fuse, or a loose connection. Have you looked it up in the service manual by chance?

First thing to do is check the voltage coming out of the DC/DC converters when the lights aren’t working.

Is the dc/ dc box in back or front?
Just today, I washed my cart and now it will not move!
If the dc dc box is goofy I will buy one

I can’t find a fuse panel anywhere on this thing

Let it dry out and it will probably be fine.

The motor controllers tend to let water in when they get old. Also you need to try and keep water away from the instrument cluster. There’s no fuse panel. You have three fuses under the drivers seat and several more under the hood that are just inline fuses.

The dc/dc controllers tend to be expensive and you have two of them. If you are good with wiring buy a new Delta Q charger with a built-in dc/dc converter and wire that up and eliminate the old converters. You can sell your old charger and recoup some of the money. Evdrives.com sells the charger along with inwo who is on here.

It did finally move after I pulled the fuse under seat and switch the tow switch off and on again, makes no sense but it now works!
However still dealing with accessories so may go with the q charger