No lights or signals on Ford Think

I recently put new batteries in my 2002 Ford Think. It runs fine but I don’t have any headlights or turn signals. What could be the problem?

  1. Make sure you have all the wires hooked up like they were before. Use a flashlight and look real close down around the batteries for any stray wires dropped down that you did not notice. It always helps to take pictures of the overall package and even every connection you undo before working on things. When issues pop up you can go back an look to see what is different.

  2. Check your fuses… Do you have a meter and comfortable using it? Find your DC/DC converter and see if it has power going into it, and then coming out of it. Depending on your results you go upstream or down. Do your brake lights work?

  3. In the upper right corner of this page is a magnify glass tool that brings up a search window. You can search past posts for others that have had problems like you and may find a solution.

  4. Try posting this issue on the Ford Think group instead of the Gem Forum. Some here have great knowledge of both, but there may be more Think experts over there that do not scan over here.

Does the wipers work? four way flashers? horn? If not check for about 72 volts going into the dc/dc converters and about 12 volts coming out. The two orange wires are 72 volt power and ground and the other two wires are the 12 volt power and ground coming out. If you have 72 volts going in and not 12 volts coming out the converter is bad. You have two converters and the wiring will reach from one to the other.

Thank you for sharnig! It helped me to solve the issue

Thank you for sharing! It helped me to solve the issue. I had a similar issue with the lights. I have bought some LED lights from Vont Smart Car Light Strip - Vont and installed them on my own on the car. They weren’t switching on, so I repaired them with the method you shared in the message above. Also, I have spent a lot of time calibrating the LED lights. The biggest problem was the height of the lights. It disturbed other drivers while driving with the lights on, which can be dangerous sometimes.