Ford Think Neighbor - Fuse Question

My headlights, tailights, brake lights, turn signal lights, and wipers have just now stopped lighting or working. Vehicle charges and runs fine like always through. I believe this is an “upstream” fuse issue because all of these functions were affected at the same time. Can anyone help me determine where that fuse is and how I can get to it? Thanks in advance.

I’m still new to the Ford Think, but your description makes me think that your 72v to 12v converter could be failing. I think some cars have one in the front under the hood and one in the back, some cars only have one in the back hugging frame frame (I think).

If you can locate it and see if it is has 72v on the input and 12v on the output, that might be a good place to start.

Like I said, I am new and have only had my car for a few months and put a pair of 72v 24s lithium batteries from big in so far. But it seems like everything that would run on 12v is broken so that would make me think to first look at where that is converted.

You need to check the dc/dc converter. It’s under the front hood and mounted to the upper frame rail on the passenger side. It may have one or two converters. The one that runs everything you are talking about is on the back of the frame rail. You will have to reach your hand underneath the frame rail to feel it. It has four wires going to it. The two orange wires are 72 volt power and negative going in. The red wire is 12 volt positive out and the black wire is 12 volt negative out, if you have 72 volts going in but not 12 volts coming out than your converter is bad.

If you need a manual send me your email address.