Chasing an electrical bug

About a week ago I started having some issues.

Headlamps stopped working and turn signals also stopped working.

If the headlamp switch is in the off position and I turn on one of the turn signals, I get a buzzing noise from the relay on the multiswitch. If I turn on the headlamp switch, the buzzing goes away but still no turn signals (or headlamps). However, the hazard switch/lights work (but only if the headlamp switch is on).
Checked the fuses and they’re good. I decided to replace the multiswitch with a new one, but still having the same issues.

Any ideas or things I could check?

Check to see what voltage the DC-DC Converter is putting out.

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Agree with Videoguy here…
This sounds like a DC Converter is failing or a bad ground. Note that some cars have 2. If first one is Ok then look for the other.

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Thanks guys, I’m going to take a look at that today. I figured that because some things were still working, that the converter was good. I’ll test and report back :+1:

I think I only have one converter and it’s reading 12.2v. There is another box tucked behind the frame but its not connected. See pictures below.

I decided to the swap the two relays that are under the hood (they are the same), just to see if that would make a difference, and everything is working again. I’m guessing one of them just had a bad connection.

Hi - I have a ford think and unfortunately had a short I believe on my lights. Was trying to find the fuse to check on them and think I did and looked to be a 20 amp that was still in tact. was hoping someone here might be able to give some suggestions on this.

thank you


If all the lights, horn and wipers aren’t working check the dc/dc converters. If you have a power point you will have two. If no one has switched the wiring it will be the rear one that controls all the lights, horn and wipers.

Hi David,

Thank you for the info on this. I did go and check for the DC/DC converters. It appears there are 2 of them one in the front and one in the rear. The rear one does not seem to connected to anything though. I checked the voltage on the front one after turning the cart on. Was able to get the 79 volt reading on one side but nothing seemed to be showing on output. Going to go out on a leg and say this is the bad DC/DC issue. Hoping you can give me a second opinion. Also any suggestions on getting a new DC/DC converter would be great.

Pic attached is the front DC DC converter. The one that is not connected is right behind this one on the frame.

Thank you


That’s an aftermarket dc/dc converter. If it has battery pack voltage going in and not 12 volts plus coming out than it’s bad.