Dave’s 220v Gen car Charger J1771 Ready


About time! You’ve had it for more than an hour.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
What do you think?

I need one of these just so I can park at the ev parking spots on the beach!

I have more, but need much testing to see if ready for prime time.
Ordered 20pcs j1772 inlet sockets today.

Can I just install a dummy plug that will connect to public charger without actually charging anything? I won’t really need the quick charge capability, I just want to park in those preferred spaces! I don’t believe GEM cars qualify for special ev parking spaces under CA regs. Don’t think they’d give me a ticket if it was plugged in though. Parking can be very difficult at times around here so any angle may help.

Parts are in.
I can offer a fast charger, 29 amps, 2m vehicle plug, level 1-2 home charger, for $500.
Connect as level1 to and standard outlet, charge at 14.5 amps.
Or plug in to 240v air conditioner outlet to charge level 2 at 29 amps.

86v will work on 21s Volt/Bolt or 20s if connected to bms.
24s green batteries or 25s stopping early at ~3.5 volts. LiFePo4

This charging station will charge your ev also.
And the charger with J1772 vehicle inlet will allow public charging your Gem.

j1772%202m%20plug j1772%20level2a

@Inwo - any chance at getting these up to 98.5ish volts on a charge with a BMS in place? My Bolt 24s charges at 1v per 30 - 35 min at 12amps - takes forever to charge due to 160ah.

Even to 90v would help.
Seems I will be able to sell out quickly to 72v users, so not a top priority. I have a non- working charger to reverse engineer. Big job though. Need help!

Why not buy one of Daves chargery chargers. That way you can charge with the Delta Q at 12 amps and then on another circuit in your garage plug in the Chargery charger that charges at 15 amps. That’s 27 amps going in.

You will have that thing fully charged from 3.5v in 3 hrs

Do you think that you will make time to test this soon?
I can send you a 120v charge station to make it easy for you.
I need to keep moving on this to make room for other projects. I have 15pcs new in box. Don’t let the price scare you. Return it or drop ship it after test.
One of the things that I need opinion on is the external input.
3p plug needs 12v from gem to charger. Also has a 12v “interlock” wire.
5p plug is “can” input and enable from bms. No need to connect during test. There is a bypass switch.

A couple ideas if this is a pita.

  1. The bms charge output can supply the 12v that is needed. Bms then needs to be “on” for charging.
  2. I can build a 12v supply internal to charger…

If I fail to hack charger, this may be an option.

It would boost output 12v.

  1. Good price
  2. Add complexity
  3. 240vac input only
  4. Adds 300w power- 2800w total
  5. Untested idea


@grantwest - I could buy another charger but it would be nice to also charge my Tesla’s off the charger if I needed to. I already have a 60amp circuit into the garage to charge the two Teslas. So I have plenty of juice. Just looking for a multi-useful solution. I don’t “need” to charge the GEM quickly it would just be a perk.

@Inwo - Who are you speaking to about testing? I thought Grant was on that - you told me no. All my GEMS are setup of 99v right now.

Grant is on it! hint hint :slight_smile:
Help now may be needed to hack the charger. Dug into it last night.
Worst case, see above 12 volt boost.

I also have parts ordered to build adaptors DeltaQ to J1772.
Tesla is different, I believe.

Tesla is different, but I can charge my Teslas with a J1772(I have an adapter).

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86v + 12v = 98v - Right where i need to be. Sounds good. A couple more volt’s would not hurt as cells fall off but hey I could work with that.

I’ll see if I can test the theory. Might not be an acceptable solution though.

120v adapter cord.


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Level 1 or 2 J1772 to Delta-Q adaptor


Can you explain the above picture? Does this just allow you to plug into a J1772 charger? It still uses the Delta Q to charge the batteries at 12A, or does this increase the Delta-Q charge rate as well?

DeltaQ still charges at 12a, but I can build it for two DQ. 25A total.