Fast j1772 chargers, now for 22s sam modules

@djgabriel2004 has a couple of these on hand. Working with custom finish voltage.
Can be built for j1772 or Tesla charge stations.
Picture from @grantwest .

I have new in box inventory of the, old stock, Elite chargers, to sell. 29 amp output.
Fixed at 86v.
If Gabe is willing, I may be able to get some shipped to him in March, to upgrade for Tesla, and raise voltage to 92v.
Gabe may or may not share the upgrade process for diy. It is not for the faint of heart.
Be aware these are very limited supply and not inexpensive chargers.

Listing may be removed if Gabe is not on-board, as I am unable to support these myself.

Love that charger, Double the speed than DeltaQ.

This is not the Polaris fake J1772, it’s the real one. These chargers have all the electronics to accept charge from any Level 2 EV charging station, if you don’t know where they are download PlugShare app and look around, there are plenty that are Free.
Still can be charged with 120v outlet using a mobile EV charger.

It can be modified to Accept The Tesla Charger. (Wall connector or Mobile charger) 120v or 240v. Great for those that have a Tesla at home.
Still want to use j1772? No worries grab your Tesla to J1772 adapter and you can still use the EV public stations

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Tnx for the review. I should have offered these sooner but kept getting sidetracked.
I don’t know how many you have access to, but I only have about 10 here.
These seem like a perfect match for the 22s Samsung batteries.

@grantwest has been using one for at least a year. Using it in tandem with the DQ from a wall outlet it will add about 15 mile range per hour charge time.

Yes I have this charger in my car along with my factory Delta Q. It’s worked flawlessly. I have charged with it some 300 times. I use the J1172 port. I can say it can take my 20
Cell 11kw battery pack from 3.6v
To 4.1 in just under 2.5hrs

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What is the max voltage so far with these? Are you up to the 98v range yet (you mention 22s so you must be in the 90v area), If so, I would put one in for my Tesla battery in a flash.

Quite sure it will go to 98v on 240vac, but it exceeds rated watt output wich may or may not be a problem.
A charger will only need to dissipate full rated power on low voltage. Not sure about this one as it’s 14 amps on 120vac input.
Someone will need to be the guinea pig I guess. Gabe is set up for testing now. I also have one you can test yourself by spoofing it further. It is raised about 6v now and easy to add to.

I will share the 1/2 the risk with one of mine, or Gabe might be willing to take all the risk. He was able to find a few from another source.

I already smoked about 3 of mine learning the spoof. :frowning:

Mine charged 22s to 89.7v (around 4.08v/cell) I didn’t check the time because I was focused on the voltages and temp. They have active cooling fans, one of the mosfet was at 150F when charging. took the measure without the top cover which, (based on the position of the fans) is needed for the proper airflow and heat dissipation so I assume it will be a bit colder.

I will need to test it with 25S Tesla and see what happens.

No external 12v needed after the mods.