J1772 Adapter for DeltaQ

This adapter will let you use Level 2 EV charging stations.
Ideal for those who have an EV car and wants to share the charger or use public stations.

Can be mounted in the same place than original plug or just leave it in the Trunk and use when needed.

Have a couple available. Testing the waters to see if I should build more. :slightly_smiling_face:

$195 Shipped


Grant has a customer for one. @grantwest
Much simpler than mine if it works.

That is awesome and simple - you could also spice in and use 110v or J1772.

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Hey great Idea! Dave’s had a 12v converter in it that took 110 v and gave you 12v at one of the pins that allows a public charge station to allow you to charge. How does yours work. I don’t see any space where you could have tucked away the 110-12v converter.

Yes, some classic owners don’t like that port sticking out of the hood so they can still use the regular 120v and use These on demand.

No 12v needed in this one.

Have you tested it out in public charge station yet I think you’re gonna find it you need 12 V to one of those pins in order to let the juice start flowing from the public charge station

So far it has been tested in level 2 public stations (ChargePoint network)
Level 1 and level 2 j1772 stations at home
Tesla wall connector. (With adaptor)
Tesla Mobile connector (with adaptor)

DeltaQ accepts 120/240v but the output won’t be increased, for fast charging speeds another charger is needed.


O well their ya go then! Great news. Lots of people should upgrade to the J1172 especially if ya wanna go into town, most places have a near by charge station

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Sign me up! Venmo or PayPal?

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I will take one also. There are a couple nearby I could try it out on.

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Add a note pls

I’ll take one as well.

Sending paypal

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Seems like I’m gonna have to build more :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mine just showed up on my doorstep this am. Thanks! Now I have to figure out where to use it :thinking:

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@Erniea15 - if you can’t figure this one out I have grave concerns. :slight_smile:


you don’t need to mount it right away, go to a public station and connect it directly to the DeltaQ, leave the cable hanging on the side
It should start the session even if you dont bring the car, just connect the adapter to J1772 plug from EV charging station and follow the process in the screen.

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Not so much the how, the where. I’m still running around in my old 2005 tundra. I have a neighbor with a couple evs, might ask to try it out if they have a home charger.

Could be post Bora Bora… But I’ll test and let you know.

You’re probably still concerned though :wink:

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Try this app -
plugshare - it will show you were all your local chargers are.


I have a bunch of J1772 home charging station from when I was building these. $200
Also, Gabe and myself have a few Elite power J1772 fast chargers fixed at 86v 29 amps. May adjust up to 22s or so.

Perfect for 21s tote battery. Or 21s front mount battery.

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