Adapter from car chargers to Gem car

Looking for an adapter that would adapt a regular electric charging station for a electric car to our male / female plug on a gem car… Anyone Know of any such adapter?

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Yes, Gabe makes them. @djgabriel2004
His may not work with 120vac chargers, so ask.
I have fast J1772 chargers for lithium batteries.

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Ha! - Inwo beat me to it.

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That’s correct they work with any j1772 station.

Could be 120/240v but your charger has to accept these voltages

Only tested with DeltaQ so far

Zivan is 120vac only. Should work with a home station on 120, but 240v public will smoke it. I think!

I would combine them with Dave elite charger

And this.
sam 22s on shelf

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Would it be ok with a QuiQ charger?

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Battery? Or j1772?

J1772 yes,
The battery 95% sure it might have to be reprogrammed though

Would it be ok with a QuiQ charger?

Ok thanks for all input… much appreciated!


Maybe you should let us know what your goals are?

My goal was to use possibly the charging stations at stores with possibly an adapter

Sure, just buy the adapter from Gabe.