Fast charger J1772

Hi all new to forum and in the hunt for a Gem.

I have an opportunity to buy a Gem and it comes with the fast charger. The Gem manual is really lacking any details.

Question, since this is fast charge capable with J1772 connector does this mean any EV J1772 charger can be used? 120v or 240v option?

Would like to buy an EV charger and hard mount that to the home and keep the one that comes with the gem in the trunk.

Manual also does not state for the fast charge option if GFI is recommended or not. For standard charger it does not. But has nothing on the fast charger page.

Is there any retailer selling OEM parts? The Gem website has no option to order any parts

Any feedback to get me smarter is appreciated.

Yes you can use any ev charger 120 or 240v

If plugged at 240v it will charge faster
No gfci needed

New Gems have actual J1772 charging now?

Gems with zivan aka Fast charger, 3kw or dual 6kw yes
Gems with standard charger DeltaQ aka 1kW have fake j1772

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what year is considered “newer” is its 2016 and up?

Also where can one look at buying OEM Gem parts? There doesn’t seem to be anyway to do it on the Gem website.

2016+ yes new style

Parts, sometimes they pop here or dealer, before it used to be easier, the new company that bought gem is still trying to put the things together so you’ll need to have some patience

Got it thanks, good to know