Cv boot replacement late model

Ask your parts dealer?

Gotta come apart somehow.

This is part # for inner and outer boot kit 2005 and up

Inner & Outer Halfshaft Boot Kit 0113-02361 2005-Current

Did you try pulling the joint apart and looking for a clip on the shaft end?

they don’t sell them , but we need to source them from the auto world . it would make this job so easy with a split boot . the job of removing the shaft and changing is a time consuming very dirty job .

talked with nev today . they say there isn’t a clip on the outer joint but there is one on the inner joint . so take off that boot , find mistery clip , then disassemble .

I partially split the new boot and slide it over the end . then double glued and wrapped it , we’ll see if it works . I see why gem mechanic just changes the whole shaft out . this job is messy and sucks!

I friend here in my complex had the same problem with his gem. He gave up and returned the parts. He bought a whole shaft on ebay for about $100.,

Any luck yet?

no haven’t had the time . the diy split I did is holding so i’m not that motivated to put the time in yet .

just did all of the boots on my 05, you have to cut the metal bands off and in order to get them off/on you have to remove the snap ring at the CV joint and pull the entire end off install the boots and resemble. Other than snap ring pliers there is no special tool required The entire disassemble/resemble process took about 3 hours with two people. The biggest PITA was getting the new clamps on tight.

What boots/clamps did you use?

the NEV accessories kit, took 4 of them

This one?

Is that the pull thru “noose” clamp?

Need a special tool?

My original clamps weren’t tight enough. Tried narrow hose clamps and even zip ties. Not enough room to rotate. Then I tried the noose clamps, but didn’t have a tool.

Used two turns of ss tie wire.

Next time I’ll get the kit. :frowning: Only saved $30.

I take that back.:wink: Now I know how to do it. :clap2:

Are you almost ready to drive?

I use Tie Wraps for boot clamps. Have for the last 20 years

Wouldn’t clear on mine. Even tried tiny ones.

Guess I could have made two wraps, and cinched it off the rubber.

Less than 1/8" clearance on bottom.

We used a flathead screwdriver against the tabs of the clamp and heavy needle nose pliers to roll against pensioning the clamps… I purchased a clamp tool but it was not for the type that were with the kit. It is doable…

I realize this is from 2015 but I’m having the same problem today. The service manual I have is copyrighted 2002, my GEM is 2008. The manual shows a clip on the outer joint BUT IT ISN’T THERE!

Do you have a SM for 2008?

Will you tell me how this issue was resolved?

I have mine off and the boots removed and now I need to put the new boots on.

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Is that a generational difference?

My email is larryready@me. Com

Yes later models only have clip on one end

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Thanks, I was driving myself crazy trying to see a clip that wasn’t there. I found the clip on the inboard end so I am good to go until the next obstacle! When I take on something for the first time I tend to feel my way through the job. I turned wrenches for money in the 1960’s and early 1970’s but that was a long time ago and there were no CV’s.

Larry Ready