CV joint boot replacement

Need advice on changing CV joint boots on 2002 e825. I’ve changed boots on ATV’s but wondering if anyone can advise if anything specific I should be aware of. Thanks. Mike

I have done it. You need a special tool that tightens the clamps and cuts them. They can be had at any local auto parts store. It’s not that hard if you have done it b4. The axels pop off the transmission real easy. I would advise just taking the axels off the Transmission and it will make the job super easy.

Just place a large flat head screwdriver between the end of the Axel and the transmission and pry the Axel off it will pop right off.

Thanks Grant. I have the steel band clamp tool but the boots came with plastic tie straps. Seems like a reasonable alternative to the steel bands.
I only need to replace the outer boots as they are showing cracks. Might be wise to do the inner boots while everything is exposed anyway. We ordered and received outer boots. I think the inner boots are the same. Parts list he had doesn’t show a different part number. Managers cart is a 2002 e825 if that makes any difference. Mike

Same basic procedure.


I just did an outer, mine came with SS bands. I didn’t need a special tool either. The outer CV was a little tricky to get off. The snap ring that holds it on the shaft needed pryed open to release it. Kinda the opposite as cars that I have done before.

Gents, I was replacing brake pads because the e-4 was shaking as I applied the brakes … as I was doing this it seemed the rotors had a little play side to side and the cv boot was moving just a tad. So I put it together and lifted the front wheels and ran it … both tires started off fine but the driver side gave up and just power (turning) was from passenger side … is this normal or do I need to replace the driver axel… :thinking:

No worries. That observation is perfectly explainable as the motion is being transferred through the differential spider gears.

Most likely one brake was dragging a bit and causing that wheel to run slower and even stop.

To show this, while running, go over to the free spinning wheel and drag your shoe on it for a bit and you will see the other wheel spin up.

Thanks man …you just potentially saved me a lot of grief and money…LoL .I will try that out

Are all Gem years and models using the same CV joint and boot? Has anyone found boots that work and don’t cost $60 apiece going through Polaris? Thanks for the tips.

What year in your GEM? I have two 2002 E825’s and bought my new CV joints ($410 for left and right) and boot kit ($32) from NEVAccessories.