2007 E4 Changing CV Boots

Ok, so what is the secret to getting these CV axles apart? I’ve tried driving the wheel end off like I’ve done on other axles but it seems perfectly happy staying in place. Is there a trick or a special driver to get these past the clip?

You need to use a impact driver and take off the Nuts holding on the disks.

Remove Shocks
Disconnect upper & lower a arms from spindle
Take the hub off.

That should allow you to move the drive shafts out. Take a large flat head screw driver and pry between the driveshaft and the transmission. The drive shafts should pop out.

The Cv joint boots require a special tool that tightens the cv boot strap and then folds it back on it self. You can buy the tool and the straps at the auto parts store.

You need 2 different size straps 1 small and one large.

Oh i’m good on removing the shafts from the car, that’s the easy part.

I’m trying to get either CV joint itself off the shaft so I can get the new boots on.

Every single half-shaft I have encounter 2005-2012 I could not get the outer cv off the snap ring. I had to take the inner cv off, the boot off, salvage the straps on the inner boot and then slide the outer boot on and then repeat the steps in reverse. The snap ring can bind and make it almost impossible to remove the outer cv with conventional tools.

Ok, good well at least I’m not crazy. I gave it the ole college try with a brass drift on the outer CV and couldn’t get it to budge.

How do you get the inner CV off? All I see is the inner circlip, I don’t see a way to get the outer circlip off in order to get the joint off the shaft.


Yes take the inner circlip off retaining the inner race, cage, and balls with a small flat head/pick; remove housing. At the end of the halfshaft is another circlip that can be removed with snap ring pliers.

Ahhh, that make sense, thanks!

I just happend to take my drive shafts off yesterday. The passenger side simply slid out of the splined end that remained inside the transmission.

That means that your inner circlip has fallen out, probably somewhere in the boot. Be sure to place it back in place when installing.

Ok thanks for the heads up. The boot is ripped so I’ll check the other side so I can size it up.

If you need cheap boots, these work great.

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