Cv boot replace

I have a 2002 Gem E2 and need to replace outer cv joint boots need how too

I just did this… It is not easy. When you get the half-shaft off you need to remove the spring “c” clip inside the shaft end. There is a special tool m ost auto repair shops have, to do this for a small fee, or free. A kit from NEV parts contains the special grease and clip-bands, too.

I just replace the shaft. For me, it is not worth the effort to repair.

$150.00 per shaft, vs. $14.00 for a boot kit is a better deal. If, the balls aren’t clanking, and the splines are ok. grease-up, re-boot, and go!

Thanks I thought the same thing already have the boots $15 each with clamps and grease

Just replaced both boots on the passenger side. One of the easiest jobs I’ve ever done. Glad I didn’t replace the whole axle.