In Need of a San Diego Gem Mechanic

Hi Everyone, I just purchased 2 2002 E825 4-Seater Gems and was looking for an experienced Gem Mechanic that won’t crush the bank (I am located in San Diego).

I purchased the parts and have to replace both CV Joints on one cart and the front boots on the other. Does anyone have any contacts of who could help with this project? Thank you!

@AssyRequired - might have some interest.

Right now I have soooo many items on the list I can’t take on any new projects.

No worries whatsoever! Thank you very much and if you happen to be free in the future, please let me know! (I am located in PB)

There are a couple of us on here from SD. @dougl @KevinUpHills @smspring @DelThink . Changing the boots is pretty easy… But a messy job. Email @Old_Houseboater for the service manual, it walks you through how to do it.

As for rebuilding the cv joints, you might be better off just replacing vs rebuilding. You can get replacements from @JarJarJava is parting out a car and might have used replacements.

Cartmart can certainly help. I’ve also heard the deep cycle battery has a gem guy there although he might just stick to the electronics.

If you post what you’re trying to do, folks on here are pretty good at walking you through it and/or pointing you in the right direction.

I’m out by SDSU and a little limited on time myself, but could probably pop out if you get in a jam.

Maybe the other SD folks have mechanic referrals…

I just replaced both half shafts on my 2002 last week, had to make a run to Harbor Freight to buy a splitter, You are welcome to borrow it. I am in Del Mar, if you have a Jack stand, some sockets and wrenches it is pretty straightforward. I have some video if you need it.

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Thank you all for your help and advice - I am so glad I came across this page.

I ended up buying a boot kit and a full set of CV joints from NEV Accessories. I contacted Benito (the mobile mechanic for DeepCycleBattery) and came to the conclusion I might want to learn the in’s and out’s of the cart before spending a couple $100 on labor.

I’ll email @Old_Houseboater now for the manual!

The video would be much appreciated - I will most definitely reach out to borrow if I don’t swing by Harbor Freight myself. If I’m able to get out of the office, I am very interested in tackling this job (or at least giving it a go).

I can email you if that makes things easier!

100.00 in labor - do it…LOL
It is a long, frustrating (c clips) and messy job - pay the man…


I may, but his going rates are $150 service fee + $125/hour. Who knows how long that job will take.

$150 + $125/hr? Is this for legal advice while he fixes the boots?

Feel free to ping me also if you DIY and get into a bind. I can’t do the job but could offer advice.
I’m in PB also.

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Ha! My thoughts exactly!

I am getting a quote from a golf cart mobile mechanic named Matt with Ramona Golf Carts who typically doesn’t work on Gem’s. If he can find time, he’s $90 + $40/hr.

I will reach out if I decide to do myself

Just take the half shafts off and drop them with the mechanic. Easy to do and should save you quite a bit of coin.

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Hmmm Rebuild CV joints. If you keep good boots CV joints will easily out live the car, In the last 8 years I have run into (1) bad joint. This one had a failed boot and the joint destroyed itself in a coastal environment. It was rusted inside and out and full of sand.

I bought my second 2002 E825 Gem last week and both of the outer rubber boots were ripped and the CV Joint grease was non-existent (who knows how long it has been exposed to the San Diego Ocean Weather as well as sand.

Unfortunately there is a clicking sound when decelerating or reversing, I can only imagine it’s a bad CV Joint.

Usually a bad CV shows its nature when you are turning. This is when the outboard CV are at their extreme angles. They will pop and crick in protest.

A decel and reverse issue might be coming from your motor brushes.
Jack up the front wheels, get the drivetrain rolling a bit and stick your head under the hood and single out where the noise is coming from.

Use a big rubber hose held up to your ear and move it around the area where you think the noise is coming from. You can also use a dowel or convenient stick placed on various hard points on the car to hear what is going on inside.

*No super powers needed

If you refer back to @Michael1 post yesterday regarding the 2018 Gem Noise, it is almost exactly the same.

Maybe I screwed myself by ordering new CV Joints… whoops.

I went down the same path with my 2002 and it turned out the clunking noise was the rubber bumper at the end of the motor shaft. My 2002 came from OB and they lived halfway up the hill. I replace the bummer but in 2 months it’s back to clunking again so I live with it. I might take the dime out and shave down a 1/8" piece of rubber to put in and see how long that lasts.

I think the way I figured it wasn’t the CV joint was I raised the front end, marked the tire and rotated while looking at the CV joint at the transmission. IIRC the tire at the outside diameter moved less than 1/4" before the CV joint at the transmission could be perceived to move.

@dougl I posted a video in a new thread of the sound. Would you mind taking a look to see if its the same issue as yours?

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