Anyone in San Diego and can work on Gems?

I have a fleet of Gem’s here in Pacific Beach, San Diego and am looking for some mechanic help in exchange for $$$.

Let me know, thanks!

What year?

@AssyRequired is closer
@Erniea15 too but he might be busy

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Looks like it is a 2002 - per his other thread.

2001, 2002, and 2003

I have 4-gems

there is a San diego Gem club

I’m in the @JarJarJava club with the early 2000s. Maintaining a fleet of these for commercial use sounds like a nightmare. Dump them. Find some 2016+ rides. Your customers will be happier, you can charge more, and probably have less maintenance.

My 2016 I finished a high voltage conversion maybe 1.5 years ago… I haven’t done anything to it other than inflated the tires and have it detailed.



Not club.