Need Boot Kit for Half shaft

All of the boots look good…except one. The half shaft on the passenger side, the lage boot, by the differential is torn. i would like to find a boot and clamp for this. Any recommendations for a source, or any watch-outs for the job?

You didn’t say what year, but it looks like either of them can still be picked up at NEV accessories.

NEV Gem drive train page

I haven’t done them yet but it is on the list.

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thanks I’ll check this link out.

Out of stock there. So I am still looking. Wonder if it’s the same part for ez-go or someone else?

Here are some old notes from a document that could really use some updating.
It suggests another possible source. Return back with what you find and we can update this list.

List Of Alternate and Superseded Parts Jan 2011

inner CV axle boot: GEM-HSBK, order from NEV accessories (lowest price)
alternate number: 602951 EZ-GO (exact fit both sides, order from golf car dealer)

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Thanks for the info, I’ll check around and get back with the results.

After doing some more inspections I see I am too late for a NEW BOOT. THE CV joint is sloppy. So I will be getting a new half shat. It looks like that comes with the boots already installed.