Cv boot replacement late model

Wouldn’t clear on mine. Even tried tiny ones.

Guess I could have made two wraps, and cinched it off the rubber.

Less than 1/8" clearance on bottom.

We used a flathead screwdriver against the tabs of the clamp and heavy needle nose pliers to roll against pensioning the clamps… I purchased a clamp tool but it was not for the type that were with the kit. It is doable…

I realize this is from 2015 but I’m having the same problem today. The service manual I have is copyrighted 2002, my GEM is 2008. The manual shows a clip on the outer joint BUT IT ISN’T THERE!

Do you have a SM for 2008?

Will you tell me how this issue was resolved?

I have mine off and the boots removed and now I need to put the new boots on.

send me an email. we cant publish copy righted material on the forum

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Is that a generational difference?

My email is larryready@me. Com

Yes later models only have clip on one end

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Thanks, I was driving myself crazy trying to see a clip that wasn’t there. I found the clip on the inboard end so I am good to go until the next obstacle! When I take on something for the first time I tend to feel my way through the job. I turned wrenches for money in the 1960’s and early 1970’s but that was a long time ago and there were no CV’s.

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