Curt's battery issues

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Trips on accel and regen.
Fine with lead.
Bybass jk bms and regen is ok, but trip on hard accel.
With bms, only showed 300a.

Great, you beat me. Deleted mine.

I think Curt has 10:1 gears?
I would like to know if there is cavitation and then a controller trip, or if everything is smooth sailing and then a controller trip out of the blue.

Curt is delayed with a flat tire.

Got it - just throwing out some initial questions.

Curt is having trouble joining. I made topic public just now.
He still can’t post. Don’t know why.

We can change the scp time slightly, but we need to finish testing with bms bypassed.

Well “Discharge” is off - that will be a problem, but not right now while disconnected

I’m here,

I believe Curt is now testing it without the bms, Right?

Discharge was only off when bms tripped

That is the way I am reading it

Tested with bms again, and no issues. Held 270 amps for 4 full seconds before I had to pay attention to the road!

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Now we can get @MikeKC opinion.

Bms faults with short circuit trip when set to default 1500us.
Curt is doubling the delay.
I don’t know what scp current is. I can only assume 1,000 amps or so, being that time is so short.

I find the error message strange, oh wait, Todd has an “ant” bms.
His read “precharge error”.