COMPLETE list of GEM error CODES

Some of the following codes do not appear in the factory manual. Not all of these codes will necessarily apply to all model years. Corrective actions are listed following each code. Thanks to several other members and Ride for Fun who have provided new codes for this list. Also see my post listing the Zivan NG1 charger errors.

Complete list of GEM error codes:

Error Code Description Fault To Correct

none display is blank no power close master switch under seat, check
02 car in reverse safety lock out move direction switch to neutral
03 car in forward safety lock out move direction switch to neutral
04 park brake on (normal condition) safety lock out release park brake
05 main relay not closing electrical fault inspect main
relay and fuse
06 accelerator pedal closed safety lock out release pedal before
selecting fwd or rev
08 pedal voltage high electrical fault check pedal voltage:
>0.9vdc when open
09 both fwd and rev selected electrical fault inspect direction
selector switch
11 accelerator pedal stuck safety lock out check for debris or floor mat
lodged under pedal
14 rolling radius or gear ratio are out of limits for motor inspect controller programming
15 voltage low low power charge batteries
16 voltage high electrical fault verify voltage >86vdc, if higher,
run lights to reduce
21 accelerator fault safety lock out inspect accelerator resistance and
23 motor current high in rev electrical fault inspect motor controller
24 motor current high in fwd electrical fault inspect motor controller
27 12vdc supply low electrical fault check wiring, see manual
41 motor controller overheated electrical fault allow to cool, check for
brake dragging and overweight
42 armature voltage high electrical fault inspect motor controller
43 armature voltage low electrical fault inspect motor controller
44 armature transistor failure electrical fault inspect motor controller
45 armature transistor failure electrical fault inspect motor controller
46 motor shorted to frame electrical fault check motor and wiring, if
ok, inspect motor controller
49 motor current low electrical fault check resistance of motor and
wiring,if ok, inspect motor controller
51 motor controller voltage low electrical fault check voltage, see
57 motor current sensor low electrical fault inspect controller
64 line driver input voltage low inspect controller
65 contactor coil current high inspect contactor and controller
66 field current high inspect motor controller
76 capacitor voltage high electrical fault inspect motor controller
77 vehicle over speed error inspect motor controller
81 no speed sensor signal is detected check sensor and wiring
82 check speed sensor and wiring or motor overloaded reset motor controller
90 terminal one is shorted to ground, input sensor error inspect motor controller


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Thanks for the quick response!!! One more question: Is the 2001 GEM supposed to have a solenoid to operate the contactor?

I found an error code that only comes up when you try to reprogram the controller… #14
after several tries to make changes and kept getting this number… I have decided that it is saying… ‘I am smarter than you and I will not give you back your toy until you put the changes back to stock settings’


Researched and found origin of -14 error code. “Rolling radius or gear ratio are out of limits for motor.” Suggest that you have the controller inspected and reprogrammed by Marlon, Ride for Fun, or another reputable shop.


I have code 8888 and the cart will not start. The code is there with or without key on.
What does this code mean? Thanks

All GE motor controller error codes that I am aware of contain two digits. It is possible that the program has become “frozen” and needs to be restarted. Unplug the charger and turn off the master switch for ten seconds or so. The switch is in different locations depending on year. Early ones were under the front seat, while later ones are on the dash. What year do you have?


[QUOTE=fatdog;12216]Thanks for the quick response!!! One more question: Is the 2001 GEM supposed to have a solenoid to operate the contactor?[/QUOTE]

Generally, a solenoid is an enclosed single pole cylindrical switch while a contactor is often multi-pole and has contacts that are visible. Both are also known as relays. A small current is used to control a large current. Most electric traction equipment has such a device to have a positive way to cut off power to the motor in the event of runaway. This contactor is what makes the audible click as the GEM is powered up.


That was probably the problem because the solution worked.
Thank you so much!

I have a 2000 gem car with a eror code of -90. what could this mean?


I recently refurbished this car and had the batteries recharged. the vehicle has voltage and does charge. this is a new code to me.

so what is the issue if mine doesn’t make the noise… I have had the controller rebuilt after new batteries too… FSIP did the rebuild… then I still had the -43 error… so I sent it back and had it rebuilt again… they said they couldn’t get 1st one to fail… so they sent me another one, … installed it today, and now have a -16… I also have a constant BEEP-BUZZ when in road mode… nothing in turf…

GE controller code -90:

terminal one is shorted to ground, input sensor error inspect motor controller

See my list of GE controller error codes here:


Here are some possible reasons the main contactor will not close:

the parking brake is on
the parking brake interlock switch is stuck
the charger is plugged in
the charger interlock switch is stuck
the throttle switch is stuck open
the main contactor coil is shorted or open
the key switch is shorted or open
the wire harness connector on the steering column has overheated

For the -43 code:

Check all four connections to the motor. Rust will collect between the terminals and short out. Check continuity through each pair of motor leads and from each lead to ground. One lead will need to come off to check continuity. Do not force rusted motor leads as the brush stud and insulator will break. These are not replaceable. Remove any rusted motor lead from the other end at the controller. Also check for any loose connections at the controller.


I have a problem with my 2008 gem that i have not seen on the forum yet. My gem is driving perfectly except it will not drive in the high speed. Turf mode and reverse are fine and get about 25 miles on full charge. Individual battery volts range from 12.47 to 12.63 volts. It is throwing no codes at rest. While driving in low speed turf mode, if I switch to high speed it will register 06 but nothing while at rest. When not moving, if i put it in high speed, the rectangle blinks around all of the gear indicators. No response and no code. The only thing that has happenned to the car is the charge went below the limit of the Delta Q charger. I charged the batteries individually until the on board charger would charge them the rest of the way. This is a 2008 e2 with 300 miles. yes I said three hundred. Batteries are two and 1/2 years old.

A voltage range from 12.47 to 12.63 volts is too wide. One or more of your batteries may be weak. This would not prevent the GEM from working in the road setting. Check the continuity from the controller to the road switch and back to the controller. The connector where the steering column harness attaches to the main harness is a weak point. More than one of ours has been bridged. We have never had a controller that would not work in road and turf


Which battery is bad? The 12.47

More than likely, the 12.47 is bad. Just to be sure, try charging this battery on a 12 volt charger. If it won’t show 12.6 an hour after finishing the charge, it is weak. If the batteries are flooded, check with a hydrometer. Look for differences between batteries. Batteries that won’t come up to full voltage will often cause charger time out errors and get warm with the familiar rotten egg smell.


I have been running strong since last year… Even played some winter golf through the snow drifts… Backed out of garage last night fine. Put in fwd n nothing? Error 23… Says inspect controller. Does that mean ship it off to FSIP who rebuilt it ? Thx

First try opening and closing the master switch to reset the controller.

When u say open, do u mean just turn main switch under the seat off/on? I have tried that already… Sorry if a dumb question. Thx for help

Hi: I am the owner of a 2008 Gem Cart and I have the error codes 81 and 82. Is that something that can be fixed by an amateur?? I just had new batteries put in after trying out AGM batteries that wouldn’t work. I finally got Trojans and a watering system. I didn’t like the original gel batteries as I never did get full performance on them.

Thanks,:slight_smile: Rosalie

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