2016 GEM E4 error codes

I recently just I inherited a 2016 e4 that has been sitting for a while and had no batteries. I threw in 4 brand new Optima Red Top batteries (not sure how long they’ll last) and charged the front 12v battery and got it to turn on. It looks like everything works fine on the interior, all the buttons and display works but when I put it in forward or reverse it does nothing aside from beeping when in the reverse gear. It does have fault codes showing which are:

524190: 31
520606: 31

I’ve checked every fuse and relay I can find in this thing and haven’t been able to figure it out. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Both are generic codes.
Condition exists

Try, power cycling to reset.
Does, it go through a boot sequence and the contactor click in?
Does key shut the car down with e brake released?

I have tried cycling the key and even unplugged the ECU to reset it, they’re still there. Everything seems to work fine on start up I hear lots of clicks from the relays I’m not sure if one of them is the contactor, the car won’t turn off until parking break is set.

Ok, pb switch is working then.
A power reset may be better. The aux battery.
Count the blinks on the controller to see if it’s happy.

The charge controller is working fine. No error codes. But I just tried to listen for a click in the contactor when turning the key on and heard/felt nothing. I checked the voltage between the input and output of the contactor and I had around 49V when it was on and when it was off. But no continuity with the batteries disconnected. Also there was no continuity or power between the two smaller posts on top of the contactor. I’m wondering what is supposed to supply power to the smaller posts? Is it the ignition or the pedal (neither of those gave it any power) or something else?

That tells us a lot, but it’s unusual and may require a dealer and Polaris Wrench.
Green light is illuminated steady on controller? No faults!

29volts is ok.
0 volts on coil is ok. It is powered by Sevcon controller.
Should have low ohm reading on small posts. <100 ohms certainly. Open coil should throw a code.

F-N-R position show on display?

Display does not cycle on and off, so Gem ecm sees “can” heartbeat from Sevcon controller.

The sevcon controller is blinking, one short blink then one long blink followed by 6 blinks. It did that 3 times when turning on the key then nothing after that.

Small posts read 115 ohms

F-N-R does show on the display.

Sevcon goes dead? No green light?

Yeah after it flashes it stays off

Repeats full sequence or just the 6 blinks. I’m not familiar with that one. I’ve only dealt with a single fault code.

It repeats the full sequence 3 times before it stops blinking completely.

So then the controller is showing 6 blinks, assuming the first two are just a precursor to the actual blinks. And if it is 6 blinks it seems like it might be a failed MOSFET based on what the Sevcon manual says. But I’m not very familiar with this kind of thing. I’ve been reading chapter 7 in this manual

Good idea. The only analog output that I know is connected, is the output to contactor coil.
Need to think on how to test it.
Might be time for a dealer.

I would take it to a dealer but unfortunately I’m in the military stationed in South Korea and my unit doesn’t have funds allocated for getting this thing fixed.

I’ll see what I can find. May be some dealers on here. You seem pretty sharp trouble shooting.

Thanks, I really appreciate the help

Double check battery connections.
Run through a charge cycle if you have not. It may still think battery is dead.

The battery connections are all good. When I first put the batteries in the vehicle the SOC meter on the dash showed that they were full charged (and I still had the same problems that I have now), but after I plugged it in for the first time the SOC meter started going down pretty fast, sometimes it goes back to being partially charged again but usually it’s showing batteries empty even if the voltage is well above 50 at the contactor. I’ve also tried recalibration the charger but I can’t seem to get it to stay on the correct setting I want it at.

Do you know if car was running when stored?
Only thing changed is batteries.?
There should be a big red wire in battery compartment that is taped off, if you have an aux battery under dash.