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Working on a 2013 GEM ES car stopping charging can not find any fuse at this time have 72.06volts at controller 120 volts to charger car will run even if plug in monitor screen shows 1 red 1 yellow and 2 green bars also no code light on charger what can I check?

Having a power issue with my 02 e85 4 seater batteries are recent ran fine in fall but now when i put main power switch bbn on dash lights up for about 10 seconds and goes out then I have no power batts are all charged up and equalized …anybody got any ideas I can try …I own a motorcycle shop so we kinda got an idea but def not EV technicians …someone mentioned a relay not sure where it is…thank you

Hello New to this site. I posted my question re 2014 E6 purchase Looking forward to reading replies Thank You

I love my GEM car and have t-shirts but am always looking for something different… I ran across this t-shirt… the company is quick to get the order out… I feel the price is fair… they even said if I have an idea they could design it and would add it to the list of items… that would go for you as well… they are in Egypt but ship Fedex and their shirt beat an item I bought and was shipped from Los Angles via the USPS… if you love your GEM car why not wear something to go with it… my disclaimer is that I don’t own or have stock in the company… just think the shirt is great