Competing with Tesla?

Hello all.
I am in process of building my own electric sport car. Comparing to Tesla’s car the targets are: extended range, much lower price, better outlook and interior.
I have some innovative ideas to implement and preliminary calculations show that it is possible to achieve better performance.
In fact, Tesla is the only or almost only electric sport car manufacturer now. I am thinking of founding my own company and have a question to all of you, guys: what do you think, is that possible to compete with Tesla, having better product and business model?
I know, the times are tough now, but nevertheless, what are your opinions?


Tesla’s are 100k a pop am I right? If so I would think it is possible.

hi dear!
Its is a brilliant idea of competing with Tesla. An I wish you all the best. As per as competing is matter. Try to overcome the problem that Tesla have in it an you are through. As er as the market is concern then if you want to be a business man then don’t worry…:):slight_smile:

Spaceman - I have been running some feasibility numbers too. I am currently researching diy-type projects using an existing platform (something old & light, like a Geo Trakker) for potential application with a proprietary platform in the future. The reason for this platform is that my end goal is not to compete with Tesla - they are a luxury niche automaker. BTW, I think their entry level is around $50k.

There are a lot of guys like me who would proudly drive a small truckish vehicle with offroad capability, not much flash or cosmetics. How many guys drive an old POS Honda or pickup daily while the minivan is used by the wife & on weekends?

Besides price, Tesla’s biggest single drawback is range, same as all EV’s. They advertise a max of 244 miles - I’m sure that’s with some conservative driving. Still, that compares favorably with many gasoline production vehicles. The problem of course is that you can’t just fill 'er up in 10 minutes and go - it takes about 3 1/2 hours. So the car is still tethered to your base (home). Cross-country is out. I have a possible way around that, but I am still working on feasibility details. Hint - sustained highway speed with Cd of the low 0.3’s only requires around 10 - 16 kW.

Hello all.
Almost a year ago I started this thread. During this year a lots of research, development and calculations have been done by me. My vision of perfect electric vehicle has changed completely. I don’t want to compete with Tesla just because it doesn’t worth the efforts-they go in wrong direction.
Building a good electric car is not an easy task. But it is possible, indeed.
Currently I am in process of building my dream electric car. I do it for myself and by myself-as for now my project is non commercial.
Of course, such a complex design and development can not be done by only one person. That is why I assembled small team of dreamers like me. During our R&D we developed some technologies in materials engineering, electric engineering and some unique conceptual approaches.
We are on our way to our dream! Check it out:
Your comments are welcome!
Thanks to all of you!