OnCars: Tesla Model S Video

OnCars has just posted part one of its three-part series on the 2011 Tesla Model S:

2011 Tesla Model S Part 1 of 3: Design | Video - OnCars

its a nice car

Tesla S sedan is one of the best electrical car in the market with max 300 miles range.

beside the fact that it looks great, the performance and features of the car are among the best. Tesla should work more on price

:spider: Amazing… the world would have been a lot better if large enterprises just allowed free will R&D of such electric vehicles :boxing:

I just love Tesla to bits. Such a shame that they are so slow production wise, but I’m Toyota got hold of them and they probably wouldn’t want Tesla to overtake them in car sales, since Toyota and other fossil fuel car manufacturers still have a huge chunk of the market.

Tesla S looks great. In our country you could buy only Toyota Prius. I hope electric cars will start selling soon.

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Now that Tesla Model S was named “2013 World Green Car” (part of the prestigious 2013 World Car Awards) at the still going New York International Auto Show (29 March – 7 April), I hope there will be more of them on the roads!

And that means more money for Tesla, which in turn will let it move into their third stage of development faster.:slight_smile: I watched an amazing [ame=“http://www.ted.com/talks/elon_musk_the_mind_behind_tesla_spacex_solarcity.html”]TED talk with Elon Musk[/ame], Tesla CEO, in which he explained the enormous development costs mean they have planned 3 “steps”:

  • prototype-like car = expensive
  • second generation = mid-priced
  • mass market = cheaper (thanks to advantages of scale in production).

So go on, support Tesla with your hard-earned cash so that the cheaper cars see the light of day sooner than later:cheer2:

Karolina @ Car leasing made simple

I think, the Model S and BMW i3 are the best EV cars you can buy now.

And soon BMW i8 and Golf e…

and best looking! :hippie: