Considering Tesla

I’m wondering if I should contact Tesla Motors. I know that I can benefit them as an analytical thinker/engineer/scientist. I tend to generate new ideas and solutions anytime I find room for improvement.

My real concern is this. Economically, the country is in flux. There are many unknowns currently in play.

I have difficulties with the current price point of the Tesla Roadster. I know that the company’s end goal is to offer a family-style sedan at a more affordable price of $30,000 eventually, $50,000 initially.

I would hope that the end goal is to reduce cost and eventually offer a simple commuter option as well for $11k-$16k. I can only justify working to this end for a company that has much the same agenda as mine. That is to provide the population of the United States independence from all oil.

Tesla Motors might not be the right address if you look for a company that can free the people from oil independance. Having said that, if Tesla is able to come up with a car for the masses, you might wanna rethink the issue.

A commuter option for $11 to $16k is at the moment very difficult to achieve.
If it would be possible, I am sure someone would fill the gap. The ZAP Xebra goes for a similiar amount of cash, but is mostly produced in China I believe. That makes me wonder whether environmental standards are adhered to. Not to mention about working conditions etc…

All other EV’s, Volt, Tesla Sedan, Think, Loremo, Twike etc. which are or will be available with Li-Ion technology have price tags from 30k upwards.

Have you ever thought of Aptera?


I think ZAP! will be at the forefront of getting a freeway capable vehicle to the market. The Xebra has been successful in getting a product out there, but is not ultimately what you and I or the rest of the general public are looking for in an Electric Vehicle. The ZAP-X however is that vehicle as well as the Obvio and Alias. Check out this company as they could use brilliant minds and are currently seeking employees.

You might also consider trying to get in the battery manufacturing area, as this is ultimately what is driving up the cost of EV’s.