Let's look into the EV crystal ball, shall we?

Hi everyone! This is my first post here. I’m obviuosly very interested in EV’s. I basically drive 25 miles (round trip) to and from work each day. I basically just want an electric car that will get me that 25 miles each day, with occasional air conditioner use :slight_smile: hey, it gets hot here!

So let’s say it’s 2011. What EV’s (or similar vehicles like the Volt that will allow for all electric commutes) will be available in the US? How much will they cost?

Off the top of my head I’m thinking:

  1. Subaru r1e
  2. Mitsubishi i miev
  3. cityZenn

I’ve got no idea on prices (in US dollars). Can anyone else think of others that should be available soon, or how much they might cost?

Can’t forget about the Aptera! Both the all-electric Typ-1e ($27k) and plug-in hybrid Typ-1h ($30k) would fit your needs. They’re 2 1/2 seater three wheelers. Space-age styling, hyperaerodynamic (drag coefficient = 0.11, compared to 0.26 for a Prius), lightweight (1500lbs), 120 mile electric range (@55mph) for the Typ-1e, 40 mile electric range for the Typ-1h plus 130mpg after that, extreme efficiency due to low weight and aerodynamics (a typical EV uses 200Wh/mi; Aptera uses 80Wh/mi, which means faster charges, lower charging currents (present standard is a normal extension cord and household 120V/15A socket), and a smaller, cheaper battery pack), long-lived lithium phosphate batteries, cameras instead of mirrors allow for “eyes forward” driving, advanced StreetDeck computer nav/entertainment system, composite skeleton and F1-style frame that exceeds and usually doubles most car crash safety standards, in-seatbelt and side airbags, very long crumple zones, 85mph+ top speed, <10 sec 0-60, very large (15.9 cubic foot) trunk, solar-assisted climate control, LED lighting, and partly made of recycled materials.

There’s an unofficial forum for the car at http://www.apteraforum.com if you need more info. The company website is http://www.aptera.com . They’re generally considered the leading contender to win the “alternative” category of the automotive X-prize. Production (reservations only) begins late this year, and as of a few months ago, all existing reservations were scheduled to be filled by late summer of '09. Reservations are currently for California residents only, but that can be worked around. :wink: By '11, they should be everywhere.

I like the MiEV ($25k, last I heard), too, although I prefer the Aptera for the above reasons, especially its having twice the efficiency of the MiEV. The range of the R1e ($?) and performance is too low range for my taste (now if they started making the G4e…). cityZenn is vaporware for now, and unless EEStor can pull off their magic, it’ll continue to be.

[QUOTE=Rei;2294]Can’t forget about the Aptera! [/QUOTE]

Wow. My first thought when looking at the Aptera is “is that thing street-legal in the US?”

I’ll read up on it. I was really hoping for some lower prices on these vehicles, but what I’m hearing doesn’t surprise me. Maybe they’ll go down in time.

[QUOTE=ericisbacchus;2295]Wow. My first thought when looking at the Aptera is “is that thing street-legal in the US?”

I’ll read up on it. I was really hoping for some lower prices on these vehicles, but what I’m hearing doesn’t surprise me. Maybe they’ll go down in time.[/QUOTE]

A neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV), such as a Zenn, would probably be a good candidate if you would be willing to forgo air conditioning. It has a 35 mile range, can be programmed to go at least 35 MPH, and cost about $12,500.

If you MUST have air conditioning, then look for a highway high speed capable electric vehicle. The price of whatever you choose will be well beyond $20,000. The Volt is rumored to be offered at $48,000 when it comes out in a couple of years, while there are others forecast to be in the $30,000 range. As far as I know, none of them are available right now. Start looking for them next year.

Aptera is most definitely streetlegal. And should be one of the safest cars of its size.

Oh, just remembered another if you’re on a lower budget but want full streetlegal, full speed: the VentureOne. It’s not as far along in development as the Aptera, but they’re targetting $25k. It’s a tandem two-seater that automatically tilts into curves, sort of like a motorcycle but without you having to do anything.

with fuel prices the way they are im really consitering doing a convertion or just buying one, but it sounds like in the near futur (3 months) the whole battery thing is realy gong to exploide, EEstor is comming out with battery capable of make enough power to propel a vehile 250miles at max of 85mph, wow big jump from lead any lithium batterys

my question would be what these rumored batteries will cost… for the average backyard EV’r the battery cost seem to be what creates the range limit…

This car sums up the whole EV argument.

Someone who wants a 150mph, 2500lb Corvette that does 300miles range with a 15 minute recharge to be on our streets in the next 10 years, dream on.

Lightweight aerodynamic micro-vehicles are the future if we are to win this war against emissions and sustainable development.

This car does it and all I can say is Wow!