Custom Electric car,


I am trying to create a custom electric car capable of running 60 in 3 seconds and around 165 miles with 150 miles range at 70 mph.
Now I have limited experience and a lot of passion so maybe not a good mix? :smiley:
However the pack will be at least 10-20k I think and other parts will be costly, but you will save in the long run.
Either I am very naive or ambitious I am not sure.

The idea is cars are heavy to start with, so why not make a custom frame and build it around batteries, and make everything else light.

This car is the Fiat turbina, CD of 0.14 and 1500 kg weight, (estimated)
144V is good for 70 mph but I am predictiing that I may need 600V at 700 AH

How practical is this for a 150 mile range, with LIFEPO4, and how large would that pack need to be? 25kw+

Iā€™d welcome a slap of reality if I am way off, no point chasing an idea that is not practical right?
A more realistic goal is just to limit her at 70 mph, and try to keep that range,