? Charging GEM E6 from the charger third-party charger

Hello dears! I have a question about the operation of the golfkar charger DeltaQ 7200-04B.
What comes in the car on the wire charger interlock?
From the documentation I realized that when the car is not charging on this wire appears +B(72V) through the internal relay of the charger.
My task is to make the charge scale on the car work with a non-standard charger.
When I start to charge the cart - the charge indicator is asleep.
If I turn off the green wire charger interlock the charge indicator starts to show that the charge has gone but after 30 seconds it goes out (fades) with the empty battery symbol and the network plug icon.
On another golfkar I looked at what happens during the charge on this wire at 99% charge - there is a potential of +0.7 volts from B(-).
I can not understand the logic of the work. Watched oscilloscope 1 hour - no data exchange.

p.s. My charger is dead, but inside it is a 72 volt to 12 volt Converter (it works)

I am not aware of any data exchange with the charger.
Let me know if you learn more.
I notice a 30s timer. It’s purpose is not immediately obvious.

I report on the results of my research.
When charging the battery past the shunt in the PSDM, the car moves for a while with a low battery indicator on the dashboard and after an indefinitely long period includes a turtle with a speed limit of 20km/h.
When the voltage on the Charger Interlock wire disappears, the PSDM unit begins to look at its internal shunt and when it is charged, it begins to count the incoming energy without quenching the dashboard.
In my case I connected my charger to terminals B+ and B-. which was my mistake. It was necessary to B+ and 72GND and off Ch.Interlock.
About how PSDM considers energy me is not clear. I conducted an experiment on an almost charged battery and judging by the dashboard to the pre-charge on the screen before E 2692.1 after E 2693.1. At the same time, the percentage of charge on the dashboard remained 00 but the graphical battery indicator, after switching off the charging, showed the full scale of the battery and NOturtle ))).
I’ll keep watching.
I apologize for the machine translation.

with respect.

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Good info tnx…