Charger rebuild

I am looking for someone who can repair/rebuild a delta q charger. thank you

I can try a repair. They are not normally repairable. A rebuild replaces all internals.
If I cannot repair I can supply a new charger with your cables for $300.

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do you have an idea of what the repair cost would be? -nathan

$100 if possible. Many have water intrusion.

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the charger still turns on but it wont charge and it has some error code on it.

the light on the charger flashes 6 times and cycles again and again.

Bad connection or no power on green wire.
Check for 72v on green when red is connected to Gem +72 Bolt battery.

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I also have a spare charger but I’m not sure how to program it to flooded batteries.

@Inwo there’s this random green cable from the charger that isn’t connected to anything. Is this the problem?

No, but check for voltage. It should have 72v unless it has been shorted, which damages charger.

i dont get any power from that cable.

Open circuit between red and green is an internal charger problem. Possible relay that connects the interlock wires. Grn & red.

FSIP rebuilds most chargers.