Battery questions

We have a 2011 model 4x4 and the batteries are shot. We are changing over to Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) from the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM). I know the QuiQ charger is programmable but I don’t have access to and I haven’t found anyone who knows how to do it. all I really know is that it is supposedly down with a flash drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Count the blinks to find what charger is set to.
It may be set to a profile that works for AGM.

I think #14 is a common lead acid profile.

Thanks for the email. I plugged the charger in after disconnecting it from the batteries and the code it flashed was 43 it sucks that there isn’t much info available for these units.

So I went back to it and checked again (I pulled the instructions off their website for changing the charging profile and what it did was flash 4 times pause 3 times pause 4 times pause 3 times pause and then 4 times before going out. then I just have the red light flashing twice and pausing indicating low battery voltage. When I tried to change the profile (Touch the positive charger wire to the positive terminal for three seconds and it is supposed to switch to the next profile. if you want to keep that one then you hold it to the positive post for ten seconds.) when I do this it goes to the number one indicator then rapidly through the six LEDs and stays at six. if I take it off and then put it back for ten seconds it reverts back to the 4 & 3 flashes again. Any thoughts?

Algo 43 says AGM ,200-400 Ah Range, Discover EVL16A, EVGC6A, EV185A ,Default AGM Charge Profil

does charger indicating low battery voltage with your new batteries ?

I didn’t have the positive attached to the battery because I didn’t know at what rate is was set to charge. That should go off if I leave it hooked up for more than the ten seconds or so that i was doing today. I’m thinking the 43 profile is the only one in the charger.

Now that I am reading the FAQ section at Delta-Q I see that to advance the charge profile I have to touch my positive to the post WHILE the profile number is lit up on the display. I was waiting until it finished flashing to touch the post. Ill try it this way later this morning and let you know what happens.

OK that did it. I found a list of the charging profiles here:

I was able to reset it to #1 and off she went. It is charged at about 80% right now and looks like I should be good to go in a few hours. Sometimes it just takes someone asking the right question to get the brain going in the right direction again.