Battery maintenance

Battery maintenance

Electric tricycle’s main source of power is the battery, most of the electric tricycle battery for lead-acid batteries, therefore, the life of the battery affects the range of the electric tricycle, maintenance of battery are available from the following six aspects.

Correctly grasp the charging time

Battery to discharge depth is 60% - 70% charge, best can convert their mileage when actual use, necessary charge according to actual condition, to avoid damaging charging.

It is forbidden to lose when stored in electricity

Kui state refers to the battery after use without charge in a timely manner. In kui state storage battery, it is easy to appear the sulfuric acid salinization, lead sulfate JieJingWu attached on the plate, electric ion channels blocked, causing undercharge, battery capacity decline. Kui power status, the longer the idle time, the heavier cell damage. Spare batteries need not when, therefore, should be added electricity once a month, so can keep the battery state of health.

Avoid large current discharge

Electric cars in the beginning, manned, uphill, please use pedal power, try to avoid instantaneous large current discharge. Large current discharge can easily lead to produce lead sulfate crystallization, and the physical properties of the damage to the battery plate.

To prevent the sun

High temperature environment can make the battery internal pressure increase and make the battery pressure limiting valve is forced to automatically open, direct consequence is to increase the battery fluid loss, and excessive water loss will inevitably cause battery activity decline, accelerate the plate to soften, hot charging shell, shell deformation of the drum, such as fatal injury.

Avoid charging plug fever

Charger output plug is loose, contact oxidation etc. Phenomenon will cause a plug heating, heating time is too long can lead to plug in short circuit, direct damage to the charger, lead to unnecessary loss. So when he found the above situation, we should keep clear of oxide or replace the connector.

Regular inspection

In use process, if the electric line continuation mileage in a short period of time suddenly fell more than a dozen kilometers, is a good chance that at least one piece of batteries in the battery pack is broken, plate softening, plate fall off active substances such as short circuit phenomenon. At this point, should be timely to professional battery repair mechanism for inspection, repair or group. This can relatively prolongs the service life of the battery pack, to save money.

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