Gem car E6 battery usage question

I have a 2022 Gem car E6 and my service dealer is telling me my batteries are going bad because I haven’t driven the car enough since I bought it. We have 840 miles on it and we’ve owned it for 24 months. We keep it fully charged when not in use and noticed the car isn’t getting up to top speed and/or taking a long time to gain speed once we stop. The batteries are the distance AGM batteries. Is this something that happens with these batteries? The dealer said I need to drive at least a 1000/year to keep the batteries healthy. Really wish that was something they told me when I was buying the cart. Any input would be appreciated.

I don’t believe it. Batteries should last longer than that.
Think of lead batteries used in standby systems for 10 years without exercising them at all.
Fully charged is good.
A battery can fail randomly. Did he tell you which battery is bad? Does he even know?

Thanks for your input. I feel like the dealer is trying to blame me for the batteries failing and the excuse they are giving me is I didn’t drive it enough which makes no sense to me. I thought that’s what the trickle charge was for when it had to sit for periods of time. I’ll speak to them tomorrow to try to get more specifics about how many are bad.

Better listen to him.

Otherwise, you might find your batteries pulled out of the car and covered with abc dry chem with no visible signs of a fire but a $20k claim against your insurance

So when car is off for long periods of time it won’t track the battery discharge so it might be showing 100% but it’s not.
When you are trickle charging them are you doing it with the oem chaeger (keep it plugged) or with an external charger?

Do we even know if the oem charger is set to the right profile,?

try deep cycling them. Run them down really far and then fully charge them and dont interrupt the charge cycle. After it turns off unplug , wait one minute and plug it in again. Also the 1,000 mile thing is BS

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I’ll try deep cycling them, thanks for the tip!

We keep it plugged in, I believe the trickle charger is built in and automatically goes into that mode when it’s not used for a certain amount of time. At least that’s how it was explained to me by the dealer when we bought. Our old gem you had to plug it into a different outlet on the car for the trickle charger but this one only has the one plug source.

Plug the cord into a timer set for a couple of hours a day, this will top the batteries up
As Jar Jar says confirm correct charger profile