Your Milage on your Gem

I was just wondering how many miles you have on your Gem, and if any major problems? I just bought my 2007 e4 it has 4200 miles. Mine had bad batteries and was on the wrong algorithm on the charger. I got it all straighten out and was wondered what to expect to go through in the future.

Drive it every day and you will get unlimited millage if you correct problems as they occur. I have seen cars with as little as 2500 miles that were junk. I sold one 2 year ago that had 23,000 on it and it looked and ran as new.


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I have 2009 eL HD with original 9 x 8VDC gel batteries going on 10,000 miles. Rodney is correct, drive everyday and always-always have batteries on charger when not driving. Only problem I had was installing 7.5-8.5 HP motor which lasted 8 months. Forget it.