High Miles?

How many miles are ‘high’ for a GEM?
Who has the most miles on the forum?

Looking at used models and mileage really varies.

just picked mine up with a little over 7400

Because of the GEM’s construction miles don’t mean a lot. CONDITION is important. Units that have been used a lot and serviced properly are usually in better running condition than “Garage Queens”. When considering a used GEM from a private seller there are 2 basic categories.

1 People that are getting an upgrade/new unit or getting out of ownership.

2 People that are selling because the unit has degraded to Fixer/Upper status.

We wont address #2 because many Members of this Forum are the people that buy this category and know what to expect.

On a used unit from Aunt Mable here are some of the things to check out.

1 Appearance - including Upholstery, Glass , all body panels etc.

2 Tires - Wearing evenly, front end alignment (wheels straight up and down) Front end tight with no play. Wheels out at the bottom are usually caused by excessive toe out but worn parts can also cause this condition.

3 BATTERIES!!! - age, condition, cables and connections Charger algorithm (program) set to match the battery type.

4 ELECTRICS - does everything work? No codes? Batteries properly charged, All lights ,horn, blinkers. The Controller, DC/DC converter and Charger usually either work or don’t work.

5 Power Train - Unusual or excessive noise can indicate anything from a worn rubber bumper in the motor to a gearbox overhaul. Oil leaks. This is a Common problem and is from failure of the input shaft bearing seal. There is a kit to eliminate this problem but it’s pricey.

6 Chassis Jack up each corner and check for dragging brakes and spin the wheels and listen for noisy wheel bearings. Make sure parking brake is applying and releasing properly. Leaking/stuck brake cylinders and sticky cables on GEM cars are COMMON especially on “Garage Queens”. Shock bushings - They are usually flattened out. Bushings are now available and are cheaper than new shocks.This is an overrated problem. If front wheel alignment is Ok you can ignore this until they get noisy.

7 Other - This is off the top of my head I will revise this if I think of more items. If I have missed something significant PM me and I will include them. Hourly repair rates at major dealers are close to the same as your car or truck. Checking out your used vehicle as best you can will keep shop visits to a minimum. Authorized dealers DO NOT repair assemblies. They change them out so that they can warrant the job.


Thanks for the great info on buying a used Gem. I wish I would have seen this before I bought mine.

I had a 05 Es that had 22000 miles on the clock. It ran perfectly and I am sad that I sold it.