How many miles is considered to many miles

Hi All new member here

Is a Gem car with 40,000 miles worth getting
I Don’t know much about the history
Are transmission and motor problems common with high mileage?

Has anyone else seen a gem with very high miles.

I just bought a e4 waiting on delivery, another guy found out about the one I purchased and said he had a very high mileage one that he did not know much about. It is 2006 model e2 with nearly 40,000 miles. Can the batteries make it seem like it needs motor, transmission, and rear end work? It will probably cost under $1500 for the e2 if I wanted it.


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The e4 is a 2002 model but it has low miles

Can the rear end be rebuilt?
The batteries are good

Can you tell me the prices to expect for the high cost items except batteries?

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Thanks for the quick response I past on the 2006 I will wait until my 2002 arrives this week and go from there.

40,000 is amazing! Our highest mileage GEM has about 20,000 on it. Most of the parts have been replaced,some numerous times. I agree that a 2002 is not a very good parts source for a 2006. Somethings do interchange, but a lot is different.