For sale e-4 2022

I’m selling my 2022 e4 GEM with 1,350 miles.
It’s practically new. Best wheels and tires, front & rear bumpers, big trunk, and top speed of 40 MPH.
Asking price $21k - Title on hand.
Plse. Text me via our forum.


That’s a nice car. Why are ya selling it.
Tell us what did ya do to get it to go 40MPH.

This is my third GEM, however, we have moved to a condo and don’t have parking space for a third vehicle. Therefore, we opted to sell our lovely GEM:(

I had installed a special gear (at the GEM dealer), besides the fact that it also has a 6.5 kW motor.



Great Info Thanks for the Reply have you posted your car for sale in Dave’s Facebook Page
Performance Gems?

No, I haven’t, but will do.
Thanks for the heads up.