2008 GEM E4 Sale

So thinking of selling my 2008 GEM E4. It’s a really nice ride and everything works and is in excellent condition. I planned on taking it up to our vacation home, but then we decided we don’t really need it (now that I’m done with the upgrades).


  • new blue paint
  • new batteries (one year old) and are in perfect condition
  • GEM four doors!
  • GEM Rear Cargo
  • matte black mini wheels & new tires (tires have <50 miles on them)
  • Rear cargo container
  • Bluetooth soundbar on dash (sounds great)
  • tow hitch
  • speed limiter removed
  • LED light upgrades
  • iPhone Mount

Condition of car:

  • Everything works
  • I tried to restore and paint the seats but they didn’t come out great. Not bad, just a couple cracks as you can see from the pics.

Price: $7,900 BO
Location: Los Altos, CA

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Great looking ride. You should be able to get that asking price. I am a gem sales rep and have sold e4’s for more in much worse condition although slightly newer and on east coast.

Bbouma1 What dealership? Any discount on parts for forum members? Need a set of 1/4 doors 2016 E4

thanks - i’d like to find it a new home.

Damn… That would make a fun lithium and AC motor conversion. And only 100 miles away.

I’m over extended and out of space for gems right now though.

Still available- bump

If no takers here then where is a good place to advertise?

Interested but wife’s not willing to go for a sight-unseen purchase. :frowning:

@flyyellow check your PM messages.

Responded to all PMs. Thx!