Top of the line 2014 Gem E4 for sale

I have a client that I sold 2 Gems too. He uses the one in Florida a lot but not the one in Wisconsin. It is a 2014 Red E4.Has some nice upgraded options. Stake bed, tilt wheel, aluminum rims,etc. It is is perfect condition and I did a custom tune on it. It runs 35mph even with the old lead batteries. The batteries are going out. He will replace them and sell with new or sell it at a discount with old batteries. I’m guessing 11,500 with new batteries or 10,500 with old. If someone wants a lithium conversion for this Gem I will sell it to you for half price. He is willing to ship and I might be able to get him to help with shipping. This is a top 1% condition Gem.

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Where in Wisconsin is the e4



Waupaca wi
He can ship it too.
This Gem with our new lithium pack would be incredible.

I’m 3hrs away and could ship it from here, if you want me to put batteries in.
I’m looking for a chance to work on a classic.

New batteries installed

Mike Did Gal get ahold of you he was looking for a Gem

No he didn’t. This Gem is really nice(and fast)

Did this sell? If not and idea of shipping to Miami?

BTW New here. Looking for a GEM. Been doing a little research. Thanks.

Can you tell me what wheels and tires are on there? I bought a used 2014 Gem last month with the bed and I’m looking to make a few upgrades!

factory 14" wheels and tires

Has this still not sold? Interested…

It is available. Absolutely perfect, New Gel batteries but if you want lithium I will strong arm Dave into giving you one for a great deal.

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I would want lithium for sure, this thing is great, not exactly what I’m looking for (I’d love to find an e2 in this condition). I have a trailer and Wisco is not that far… what do you think would be the ball-park price with a lithium setup?