2014 GEM E6 purchase

Im considering purchasing a used 2014 GEM E6 and am wondering what I should be looking for as well as establishing a fair market value. The E6 appears to be in very good condition with 1600 miles, stock with exception of a large enclosed box on the rear. Dealer eports all new GEL batteries August 2019. Asking price is $8800.00. Thank you

good price . does it still have the black advance motor in it ?

This one by chance? https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/cto/d/manhattan-beach-e6-gem-car/7132811944.html

I’ve been eyeing e6s too and trying to figure out market value. Want to do a lithium conversion so trying to avoid one where someone has just sunk $$ into batteries.

Hi Thanks for replying. YES this is the one Seller sent me video of interior today and batteries. It appears to be as listed, new gel batteries and very good condition I ran the VIN on Polaris site and all looked good. No recalls or repairs. I am unable to find any web site that can help establish a value??

Hello and Thank you for replying. I have no idea. I will ask seller. I did confirm clear CA title (currently NPO) and no lights or codes. I read consumer reports and they do not rank any GEM higher than a one and have several people with negative reviews. In the past I’ve never really relied on them as a “end all” source for my reason to purchase something-

50% that advance motor can have some stuck brushes . Very common especially by the beach . Lots of dealers replace the motors because they dont know what is wrong with them . They can be fixed without replacing them . That is a good price for that Gem

Thank you for your input

Wow, those six seaters must have the turning radius of a greyhound bus, I couldn’t make a u-turn on our residential street with a four seat model.

Hi: I just purchased a 2014 (e4) for $11,000, so it is a good price.
Mine had new batteries and new maps tor (Ride4fun).

I’m trying to calibrate my LCD. Could anyone share the correct codes?

The seller is Happy.


Wow, where are you located? That is a sellers market for sure!

That’s Funny Dave. (Gem car hood guys) How long have you been a member here on the Electric Fourm? It’s funny when I made that Post Marlon was the Man when it came to Gem cars, he is now just a distant memory, I wonder what happened to him he was a great guy. It would be cool to update him on how far we have come with gems. Dave has really taken on some huge challenges, Both Mike’s have done some really cool things for the older gems. We are lucky to have a good community here

I didn’t know the link would show that first. That thread has the soc info.