2012 Gem E6 value

Hi, new member here looking for help in purchasing my first Gem car.
I’m looking at a 2012 Gem E6 with Diamond plate box on the back with wood rack. All original, it appears to be pristine condition with only 780 miles. I’m told it was only used one month of each year at a vacation home and parked in a heated garage the rest of the time. They believe the batteries are 2-3 years old, but apparently they did not get charged over the winter and are now completely dead. The Batteries are the Polaris 8 volt gel batteries.
They are asking 7,600. Does this sound like a fair price to pay with dead batteries, is there anything else I should look at or be concerned about.

Thanks for any advise.

Those batteries are about $3,000 . The price is a little high

Thank you…What do you think would be a fair price.
Also, the batteries were so dead that nothing turns on at all, so I wasn’t able to test drive it or even see the dash light up.