Should I buy this e825 or is it a lost cause?

Hello Everyone!

I am looking to purchase my first Gem 4 seater without breaking the bank (initially). I am very curious on this communities thoughts on this Gem e825. Backstory on person selling it:

Said it is a 2005, originally asking 4500. Failed to mention the poor condition it’s in. Said batteries are new and that it’s needs new tires. They have a lot of land and a few motorized low speed vehicles, a couple project cars and some new cars in the driveway. All but two of these were covered in their yard. Of course the Gem was not covered.

They said the batteries are new and were put in within a month ago (claims to have receipt) and the Gem runs great it just needs new tires. Said the kids overfilled the tires and this was the result. I am attaching every picture I took of the Gem. Upon inspection, the Gem turned on, but would not drive or go in reverse or act like it wanted to move. He said the batteries needed a charge and because the tires were flat it wouldn’t go. I’m not to sure I beloved that theory. I told him I will have to see it drive and go in reverse and if so I possibly could make an offer.

Would you purchase it? What do see needs replaced or any red flags? image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Run away! IMO…


Please don’t, that car is a pile of scrap.

Not sure where you are located, but I am selling mine to get into a newer project, by the time you bought that car and got it running you will be doubling the cost of mine…Just saying…

The more I am reading in the whole forum is that a lot of parts can be a major factor. Which in turn makes me even more cautious about this. I appreciate the suggestion, since I’m a newbie is there some things that make a purchase a no-go? Or what should I look out for. Thanks in advance.

That’s a junker they should pay you to take it


Appreciate the advice! Is it worth possibly buying just the batteries off of it if I decide to purchase a different Gem with older batteries?

Pass on it. That’s a $500 parts car.

If it’s been sitting a while, as good as Trojan batteries are, they can still sulfate and die like any other lead acid battery if they sit fully discharged so I wouldn’t buy it for the batteries.


Ok, now that I’m looking at the photos on a computer and not my phone, it’s not a $500 parts car, it’s just a piece of ■■■■.

Run away.


Thanks for the advice @JarJarJava

I was under the impression 2005 had different suspension( I have a 2002 ) but that looks like mine except those shocks look in good condition and have an adjustable ring/spring tensioner at the bottom.

If the batteries are new and they let them discharge and sit then they screwed up. That’s not how you store Pb batteries and exactly opposite what is said everywhere for how to use them. ie always keep them charged up.

But if you are looking to learn, that is probably a $1000-$1500 project car. The batteries will probably come back enough to get a few miles off it and maybe you can find a deal on cheap tires. But I would have them plug the charger in and get there after a few hours of charging and measure the charging voltage on each battery. Then jack up the front and see if it will turn a wheel. Once cleaned up and working you can probably get close to $3000 for it even with worn batteries.

Definitely pass… the deals to be had are the ones with old batteries. Folks that don’t use them often enough don’t want to throw more money into them and you can usually get them cheap.

Wish I had found this forum before I bought mine… would have gone for a 2005 or newer. It’s been a great learning process along the way so I still chalk it up to one of my better purchases. Join the GEM club. They are a ton of fun!

What a pos. No way those tires would stop it from moving. The guy sounds like a snake. Those batteries sure don’t look a month old either. RUN AWAY

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RUN as fast as you can!


For comparison, also asking $4,500:

Hi, we are in LA and have a 2001 4 seater, licensed with upgraded disc brakes, motor, charger, lithium batteries that runs like a rabbit. Just upgraded a 2 seater to lithium from @Inwo and enjoy driving it better so am going to sell the 4 seater.

Clear coat is shot, couple small holes in seats but solid. Any interest let me know. It’s a much better deal at $4250K.

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