Custom Gem for sale $4,500 - South Florida

I invested countless hours and way too much $ to build this GEM Car for my teenage son’s auto detailing business. Unfortunately the build took MUCH longer than anticipated and he now has his drivers license so was never able to use. :slight_smile: I hate to admit, but I have nearly 9K invested (bought two Gems to make one). I think/hope $4500 is a very fair price.

Upgrades -

  • Custom Wrap

  • Custom Upholstery

  • 6 - 31 DCM Deep Cycle batteries (1 hour of use since purchased earlier this year )

  • Disk Brake upgrade kit

  • Upgraded Zivan Battery Charger

  • 14 Inch Custom Wheels

  • ITP Ultra GT 205/30/14 Low Profile Tires

  • Custom Steering Wheel

  • New Seat belts

  • and much more…

Please note the last 3 pictures for imperfections

  • Small scratch in wrap on the front hood - So frustrating!! Bumped into something in my garage.

  • Spider mark on wrap on rear fender cover - No structural damage and very hard to see. The wrap just highlights the imperfection.

  • Small section of fiberglass patch under seat cover - Had a small crack that I wanted to address - Not visible as its under the seat, but wanted to call out.

I have the title in hand and can provide the VIN #. Also happy to do a face time walk around and will assist with shipping (uship, etc.) if helpful.

Your Gem is absolutely BEAUTIFUL ! You did a great job . Worth more then you are asking .

I am interested in your Gem. What year is it, where in South Florida are you located, and how do I contact you?
Larry Philyaw

Sold… Happy New Year to all!

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