What other upgrades?

What other upgrades should I do on my 2012 gem e4. If you have any questions or want to know more about it or just ask. I also have more pictures if you want.

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Hey cool looking Gem. Can you tell us all about the Trunk. What’s involved in getting a gem set up with one.
#1 where did you get it
#2 how much are they
#3 what’s involved in installing one.

Thanks in advance

Not sure what else you can do to it Rich. It’s in its own class already. :+1:t5:

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@Troyin909 thanks I’ve put a lot of time and money ($30,000) and my wife isn’t too thrilled but hey it’s cool! @grantwest I will try to pull up all my files to see where I got it and how much it was. I’m also foregetting how hard it was and I guess I’ll go out and look at it because I did it like 3 years ago.

If you have a few, post some of the inside of the bed. Most of us don’t
have that much effort in the custom part.

Your Orignal question was What else should your Do?

Ok here is a list

#1 lithium
#2 24 Cell BMS
#3 Stereo System
#4 LED Headlights
#5 LED Lightbar

I can keep going if you like? $$$$$

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@grantwest I don’t think I need lithium becuase I have deca/ deka gel batteries and if I drive around 35 I can get a good 25-30 miles. I already have a sound system and led headlights. I don’t take it off road where I live and operating light bars on public roads is illegal where I am also. I don’t really care about the price I just want suggestions. Thanks for the others and keep em’ coming.

@Troyin909 I will be home on the fourth of march so I can post pictures then. I have a hard cover for it which I do not use but will include. Just to inform you ahead of time, the lines you will see does NOT come with it. I had someone put that on when I bought the trunk.

You have flooded lead acid batterys and your getting 30 miles range. Sounds like your have the most magical gem car ever. LOL

Please let me know where I can BUY a set of these 30 mile range DEKA batterys. Your batterys must be filled with UN Ubtainainum

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lithium well make that thing drive like a whole new cart . much faster , better handling , longer range . it looses 350lbs !
what year is it ?

what have you done to it ?
looks beautiful .
were is it located ?

I was thinking the same thing. I never get over 15m on new batteries. If it is possible, I will be switching to Deka gels.

I don’t know how far exactly but I can make it to a restaurant and back I like with about half left and it is about 14miles round trip so I kinda guesstimated but I don’t know if it is compleetely accurate because I have an aftermarket controller from a forklift. @LithiumGods thanks. It’s a 2012. I repainted it, got a new controller, stereo system, wheels and tires, upgraded motor, upgraded brakes and suspension, sunroof, roof rack, Pickup bed, then linexed it. But then again I know I said price isn’t really a concern, I would have to rewrite and reprogram the whole cart wouldn’t I? And lithium battery packs that I have been seeing other people talk about are about $1,500. I can get 10 dekas for that amount.

You can get 10 DEKA Gell batterys for $1500 wow this getting even better

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A LED light bar would be really nice and useful for night time driving.

@sanderz83 I would like one but they are illegal to use on public roads and I’m really pissed.

Ok some Notable firsts in this thread.

#1 30k invested in a Gem Car
#2 30 Mile range on a set of 6 DEKA Gell batterys
#3 $1500 for 10 Of these Magical DEKA Gell batterys.

This might make sence,
Is it possible that you have 2 identical gem cars. Each costing around 15k each. That would make sence about the 30k invested comment. And is it possible that you drive gem car #1 for 15 miles and then jump in Gem car #2 for a additional 15 miles because that would make sence of the claim of 30 mile range? As far as the $1500 for 10 new DEKA Gell batterys I’m still scratching my head on that one.

@grantwest I don’t have two cars I was just saying that I think lithium batteries don’t make sense because I could change the batteries twice when they go bad and on the third time with lithiums I will finally break even.

Speaking from experience. A Lithium Nissan Leaf pack is $1500. The Charger to be re programed is around $200 and you can do the install yourself. They have a charge & discharge lifespan of 5thousand charges & discharges

On the flip side
A Set of New DEKA Gel batterys best price I have seen is around $1400 + core’s they have a 500 cycle charge and discharge life span.

Not saying Lithium is for everyone or trying to convince you, just trying to keep it real. There has been some tall tails in this thread LOL


@grantwest I just don’t feel lithium is needed because wherever I go in it I have never gone below 2 bars left. The Deka’s I have didn’t seem that expensive. Maybe there was a sale or something lol.

Don’t let him kid you. He is trying to convince you. :slight_smile:
He did me.
Now I’m obsessed!

How many batteries. 6 X 12s?

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