2018 Li-ion GEM e4

FYI I just posted in the for sale section:

New, never registered 2018 GEM with 4 full doors, backup cam, aluminum 14 wheels (highest level wheel option). Fast charger (the plug is the same as public electric car chargers). 60+ mile range. Black in color Still has OEM tags and stickers on it. 47 miles.

If you option this out on the Polaris web site it is a $29K. I need a 2014-2015 E4s vs this model. I would never drive more than 5 miles round trip so this awesome cart is overkill for me.

Selling for $19,800

I have a 2014 e4 with only 270 miles on it . Sat in a garage for years . If your interested .

reprogrammed to 30 mph

Impossible to find like this .

I forgot to mention I am in San Diego area

Are you talking about the Clip in Steak Bead?

I have one of them.

@grantwest. What’s the capacity of these beds? Do they rest on the spat like the other attachments?

150lbs capacity

No they mount to the accessory posts.

This is what I am looking for

they have a kit if you want new

Is your e4 still available? I also replied in For Sale. Thanks.